Investing in Bitcoin was a bad idea or not?

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Type: business report

(Structure) Need list following 6 parts :

I. Executive Summary (presents a one-paragraph, miniature version of your entire report with emphasis on the “bottom-line”)

II. Introduction (establishes topic/scope and guiding situation, records pertinent background info, and states the report’s purpose)–

Topic: Bitcoin; Scope/Question: Investing in Bitcoin was a bad idea or not?

III. Discovery & Analysis* (documents your investigative process and records the facts and data you collect, sort, analyze, and synthesize on behalf of your trend study)

IV. Conclusions (makes sense out of the facts & data and determines what they mean and how they “trend”)

VI. Recommendation (offers a recommendation for using the trend(s) your report yields to answer a business-related decision of interest to your report’s target audience)

VII. List of Sources

*Note: must include graphics that showcase facts, data, and trends/projections.


The purpose of this report is to investigate,characterize, and also project a recent business/ socio-economic trend (e.g., a change in profits, losses, sales, consumer/client wants/needs, associated environmental awareness/impact, etc.) that affects a specific company, industry, organization, agency, or policy maker—in order to help that audience (i.e., the report’s audience) make a business-related decision(s) and chart a course for future action.


The report’s audience can be an individual decision-maker (an executive, investor, director, or legislator) or a decision-making body (a board of directors, a professional consortium, a committee, or an advocacy group).

This is a inside report for a “provider” or “supplier.” This is not a general report for “academic scholars,” “consumers” or the “public at large.”

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