Investigation project

Investigation project

The purpose of the Research Project is to apply the knowledge acquired in the Introduction to Statistics course. Prepare a questionnaire to collect some data (no less than 30 data, but no more than 50 data) to determine the profile of EDP University students or profile of the people who visit your church or the profile of a group of people from your interest. The questionnaire must contain the name, age, marital status, weight, height, town of residence.

Prepare a frequency distribution table with five classes where you will present the age distribution of the chosen group of people. Remember that your table should contain the columns of: borders, limits, midpoints, absolute frequencies, accumulated frequencies, relative absolute and accumulated relative frequencies.

Draw a frequency polygon and a histogram to present the data of the frequency distribution table of the previous part. Using the data from the frequency distribution table, calculate: Average, Fashion, Medium. First Quartile, Third Quartile, 15th Percentile, 85th Percentile, Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Asymmetry Coefficient, and Kurtosis Coefficient.

Using the table of frequency distribution, the graphs made and the measures of central tendency and variation: It establishes five conclusions of the presented data. Using the data collected in the questionnaire, draw a pie chart to present the results of: marital status and residence town. You must draw a graph for each of these two variables. Using the data collected in the questionnaire, draw a graph of stem and leaf to present the results of: weight and height.

You must draw a graph for each of these two variables. Instructions:

1) The frequency distribution table must be made using a table in word.

2) The graphics polygon of frequencies, histogram, circular, must be done in excel.

3) The work must have an Annex at the end where you will include evidence of your questionnaires answered.

Investigation project

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