Investigating Green IT

Investigating Green IT


Be sure to cite your sources and answer the questions thoroughly to receive full credit.


  1. Define “Green IT” in your own words. Why is this topic important for IT professionals to consider?


  1. Research online to find and explain 3 Green Technologies that would be beneficial if they were implemented widely. Discuss the benefit and drawback of each technology. (Be sure to cite your sources).


  1. From the Green IT Case studies document (content tab), choose three cases to briefly summarize. Be sure to describe what Green efforts are discussed in the case as well as the outcome. What are your thoughts on these?


  1. Research online to find information on a specific city, project or organization that is focusing on eliminating e-waste. Summarize and describe what you found. Was there anything surprising that you discovered in your research?



Last Updated on June 7, 2019

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