Introduction to Public Relations

Assignment: Spokespersons

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1. Identify three spokespersons for SpaceX Crew Dragon program. The objective
of having spokespersons is to increase the visibility and credibility of the
o One spokesperson should be viewed as an expert
o One spokesperson should be viewed as sincere
o One spokesperson should be charismatic
2. In 3-4 sentences, concisely explain and give justification why each spokesperson
should be retained by SpaceX.
(Note: Although good options, do not recommend Elon Musk, Oprah
Winfrey or President Obama as spokespersons)
Target Audiences:
 National media
 Potential space travelers
 Format: Word document
 12 point font size
 Times New Roman font
 Place your name, class number, section number in the footer, left justified
 The rubric posted on Canvas will be used to grade this project.
 Points Possible: 50 points
Comm 2300 – Intro Public Relations – Spokesperson

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