Introduction to Communication Systems LAB

Introduction to Communication Systems LAB

Fourier Theory Observation LAB 1.A


  1. What is a Spectrum analyzer?



  1. What are some of the basic parameters that one must adjust to be able to see the desired data on the spectrum analyzer?



  1. What is Fourier theory?






  1. What is the Fourier Theory equation that describes a square wave? Can you identify the portion that describes the harmonics and their amplitudes?





  1. According to Fourier Theory a square wave consists of a fundamental sine wave and odd harmonics. Consider the following circuits below which shows the spectrum analyzer output for a 300KHz sine wave and square wave.


  1. Please include your picture of the sine wave obtained from the signal generator. What was the frequency and peak to peak voltage?







  1. What was the difference observed between the signal at the harmonics for the sine wave and the square wave?

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