Introduction-Methodology -reflection

Introduction (300- words)

1.Topic and purpose of your study, research questions

2.What are your personal beliefs about this topic (Bracketing)?

3.What is literature saying about this topic? (Optional, but highly recommended: try to find and discuss a couple of articles from peer-refereed journals on this topic to frame your study in existing literature).

[you can copy and paste below exact words into your report because they are identical for the entire class]

This report describes a class research project focused on understanding the meaning and purpose of education from different perspectives. The following central research question and two sub-questions guided this inquiry:

What is the purpose of education from different perspectives?

2)What is the purpose of education from the perspective of theaters of using project-based learning methods of private school in west Saudi Arabia.?

[insert the research sub-question that you explored in the interview portion of this study]


Marriam, S.B., and Tisdell, E.J. (2016). Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation (4thed.). Jossey-Bass.

Methodology (500 words)

Data collection

1.What is the design of your study (use Merriam’s exact words to name your design)

2.How did you collect your data? (describe 2 ways in which data was collected in this course)

3.Who are your participants? (describe participants for both sub-questions)

4.What are your data sources? (what did you end up getting from the participants)

Data Analysis

1.What did you do with the data after it was collected?

2.How did you develop the coding scheme?

3.How did you apply the coding scheme to the data?

4.What tools did you use to help you with the coding?

5.How did you identify categories and themes?

Your reflection (800-words)

  1. What do you think about your data and coding? Where do you see gaps in your data?
  2. How does what you learned inform your understanding of the research question?
  3. Were there any surprises in your findings?
  4. Would you do anything differently next time when conducting a study?


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