• 1. Describe the “content” of the argument
    A. What is the argument? That is, what is the writer attempting to have the reader do/belief/understand?
    B. Why is this argument important?
    C. Who/what is the argument responding to?
    D. What is your preliminary evaluation? Do you agree/disagree/kind of agree?
  • 2. Describe the “form” of the argument
    A. What argumentative genre is being used? Comparison/proposal/evaluation/etc?
    B. What evidence is being used?
    C. What is the language like?
    D. What assumptions are we as readers expected to make?
    E. Does the author’s ethos (guiding beliefs) indicate a bias?
    F. Who is the audience and what do they expect from the argument?
    G. Does the author take into account opposing viewpoints?
    H. Are all terms appropriately defined?
  • 3. Evaluate the relationship between #1 and #2
    A. Is the argument persuasive?
    B. Is the argument supported with evidence?
    C. Does the argument address the expectations of the audience?









To the Council 300





Ozymandias (first part)



Leonidas Speech (last part)







Title: Advertisement Analysis

To: Professor Hernandez

From: Student 1 & Student 2

Subject: Gender Roles in Advertising

Date: February 8, 2018



In our English 2030 class we analyzed several advertisements. The first two ads we looked at were Camel cigarette ads. The first ad has a middle aged male who is wearing a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. The individual has a cigarette behind his ear and seems to be riding a motorcycle. In the background one could see warm colors such as red and orange and also mountains indicating the man is in the desert. On the bottom right of the advertisement there is phrase stating, “How will you swagger in?”

The second ad we viewed has a young female who seems to be in her early 20’s. She is wearing white boots, a pink bandana, and a pink/red dress. The women is holding a lit cigarette and appears to be facing at the audience. There is a solid blue background and by the position of the individual she seems to be confined to a box room. At the top of the advertisement the Camel name is displayed and below it a phrase stating, “Pleasure to Burn.” At the bottom right there is the Camel logo and the year they established their company, “Since 1913.” (S1)


In the first advertisement it is very evident that it is catering to men. More specifically, that if you want to be a man’s man then this advertisement shows what you need to look like. One of the first things that captures your eye is the man in the leather jacket. It is pretty clear that the man is supposed to look carefree due to the fact that he has a motorcycle wearing sunglasses and looking away from the audience. The location being a desert can be viewed as a subtle way to say the man is a lone wolf. Someone that can be seen as free from the problems of everyday life. Which goes into the gender roles that men are the ones that are seen as the independent types. That in order to be a man one has to be masculine, out riding his motorcycle with the wind blowing through his hair. The phase “How will you swagger in?” pushing the message that men have to have a certain swagger.  (S2)

The second advertisement is of the same company, Camel, just that they use a female for the advertisement, not necessarily because they are targeting women in this advertisement but instead because I believe they are trying to show the role of women in society and that they understand what they need. The women in the ad seems very depressed and as well compressed into a tiny area. Both of which have a very similar meaning, portraying women as solely household figures, who serve their husbands, and shouldn’t be out of their house that often.

Another huge difference is the way they approach women in comparison to men, in terms of persuasion. For men the Ad drawed them in by saying you will look cool and more swagger, while for the women they offer pleasure, and I feel that this has to do with the blue background which typically represents sorrow, and how maybe many women are depressed and they need this sort of pleasure to counteract the negatives of staying at home all day. Finally there is a difference in how the two genders are portrayed in the ads, because men are made out to be more cool and with more freedom, while women are more dependant and shouldn’t take up much space. (S2)

  • Do you find yourself reading these types of ads only causing you to lower your self esteem? That’s exactly what these ads are trying to do so the next time you come across these ads having to do with women’s being only a beauty figure and men being the dominant ones. Realize not all men have to be strong and stoical. Especially knowing that women can do it too. These ads shouldn’t define who we can be, who we will be, what we should be, and the opportunities that we should take. Don’t be an easy target and challenge yourself to me more than a magazine cover.
  • For those who put a magazine cover together don’t think we don’t know how different men and women advertisements are. Don’t think we don’t notices how women advertisements are only based on beauty and appearances. A catchy headline won’t cover up the indoors backgrounds and dull color that are used to follow gender stereotypes. Next time don’t try to base everything on appearance but on how women can do it also. Advertise both men and women the same way meaning successful, active, intelligent, and freely.
  • For those who said enough is enough it is time to create an effective advertisement in order to present a powerful message that will no longer damage gender stereotypes but benefit those who are targeted. It’s time to create an advertisement to is eye opening for those who still follow gender stereotypes and those who don’t. (S1)


Last Updated on February 11, 2019