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International political economy

500 word forum post with peer reviewed works cited topic international political economy:

With the end of the Cold War, many Western observers assumed that liberal democratic capitalism was the only effective remaining path to modernization for the developing world. Nonetheless, China’s unprecedented rise in the global economic hierarchy has raised the possibility of an alternative “illiberal” state-led capitalism.

Hence, what is the Chinese model? And is the developmental state a viable alternative growth model for the countries of the South? Is it a serious challenger to free market capitalism?

500 word forum post bluebook format with footnotes topic real estate law.


Apple Orchard Apartments rented a unit to Polly for $1000 per month. Polly paid the first two months’ rent for June and July, but then her Air Conditioning unit broke and Apple Orchard has not repaired it. Polly has refused to pay rent for August and September in protest.

Questions to Answer:

1. What are the rights and responsibilities of each party? Assume a general lease agreement as discussed in your text.

Optional Question to Answer:

2. What does your state say would happen? Is there any law that requires a residential unit that is leased to have AC?

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