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International Organization and Culture

Assignment 6: International Organization and Culture

As a Chinese medicinal material company, it is inevitable to be labelled as China when conducting cross-border trade, because in the development process, it is necessary to analyze the influence of Chinese culture on the company, remove disadvantages, and retain advantages.

With more and more attention to scientific management today, the influence of traditional Chinese culture and way of thinking on corporate management has become more and more important. The more important.

If we want to develop and prosper the corporate management methods suitable for China, we must absorb the outstanding parts of domestic and foreign corporate culture on the one hand; on the other hand, we must inherit our good traditions and innovate in the process of integration. Due to the different cultural backgrounds of the East and the West, there are some differences in the philosophy of business management.

For example, Eastern companies put more emphasis on the management of “human nature”, such as emphasizing the role of interpersonal relationships, qualifications, group awareness, loyalty, and cooperation. These two cultures can learn from each other and learn from each other’s strengths. In the process of exploring a modern enterprise management method suitable for China, traditional culture should be regarded as an important factor and an important component to realize the continuous promotion of changes in management methods.

Cross-cultural team management

In order for everyone in the team with different cultural backgrounds to adapt to and like the atmosphere of the team, I think the following steps are needed:

Cultural education

That is, experts are invited to introduce the connotation and characteristics of the culture of the host country through lectures, guide employees to read books and materials about the culture of the host country, and provide them with mental preparation for working and living in the new cultural environment.

Environment simulation

That is to simulate the cultural environment of the host country from different sides through various means. Present to employees the situations and difficulties that may be encountered in work and life in different cultural environments, so that employees can learn how to deal with these situations and difficulties, and consciously think and act according to the characteristics of the host country’s culture to improve their adaptability.

Cross-cultural studies

That is, through the form of academic research and cultural exchanges, organize employees to explore the essence of the host country’s culture and its impact on the thinking process, management style and decision-making methods of managers. This training method can encourage employees to actively explore the culture of the host country and improve their ability to diagnose and deal with difficult problems in the integration of different cultures.

language training

Language is a very important part of culture. Language exchange and communication are the most effective way to improve the ability to adapt to different cultures. Language training not only enables employees to master language knowledge, but also familiarizes them with the unique expression and communication methods in the host country’s culture, such as gestures, symbols, etiquette and customs, etc., organizes various social activities, so that employees and personnel from the host country have a better understanding More opportunities for contact and communication.

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