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International Marketing Strategy report

International Marketing


Assignment Outline –International Marketing Strategy report (individual)


You are the international marketing director for Vodafone PLC. The CEO of your company has ambitions to expand Vodafone into the Nigerian market in Sub Saharan Africa.  You are requested to prepare a report evaluating the likely success of launch into this  new market(Nigeria).  In the second part of the report you are asked to consider the impact of consumer buying behaviour on the demand for Vodafone.


Part A.

Question 1. Prepare a detailed micro and macro situational analysis of the Nigerian  international market.  20 marks


Question 2. With your findings from question 1 in mind, appraise the extent to which the four P’s of the traditional marketing mix used within the domestic market should be standardised or adapted to meet the requirements of the this new market place. 60 marks


Part B.

Critically evaluate the usefulness to understanding consumer decision making processes of the theory of cognitive dissonance (Festinger).  Use examples to illustrate how marketers might reduce this phenomenon in customers.  20 marks

  1. It is expected that you will draw on and critique academic theories and models to support your ideas. Successful reports at level 7 need to show evaluation skills that will be discussed within class sessions

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