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International Business Marketing

1 –Budgeting & Financial Management

Indianapolis Pharmaceuticals Company (IPC) recently revised its performance evaluation system. The company identified four major goals and several objectives required to meet each goal. Charles Merrill, controller of IPC suggested that a balanced scorecard be used to report on progress toward meeting the objectives. At a recent meeting, he told the managers of IPC that listing the objectives was only the first step in installing a new performance measurement system. Each objective has to be accompanied by one or more measures to monitor progress toward achieving the objectives. He asked the help of the managers in identifying appropriate measures.

The goals and objectives determined by the top management of IPC are

1) Maintain strong financial health.

2) Provide excellent services to customers.

3) Be among the industry leaders in product and process innovations.

4) Develop and maintain efficient and state-of-the-art production processes.

Required: Prepare a report and include the measures of performance (in detail) they should take for each of the objectives of IPC.

2 – Strategic Marketing & New Products Management

Following the success of its bath and bodyline for children, Johnson & Johnson is about to launch a new line of body and bath products for adults. Explain in detail the marketing strategy the company will implement to promote this new line.

3- Services, Retail & International Marketing

  • Explain in detail the plan and process Johnson & Johnson will put in place for selling these goods to consumers.
  • What are the steps Johnson & Johnson has to take to launch this line internationally?
  • In what the marketing of services differs from the marketing of products? Explain in detail and give examples.

4-Advertising & Communication

Launch an advertising and communication campaign to market the Johnson & Johnson new line in the Gulf area. Discuss and detail the process, the various means and the specifics of such a campaign in the Gulf region. 

Final Project

Kindly check the attached document regarding the project’s requirements.

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