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International business history

international business history

In this 3,000-word essay you will provide an Introduction to a potential collection of key readings in international business history. You??ll need to identify and read ten key readings [journal articles, primary materials, or excerpts from books] on a single theme, and then write an introduction to the readings, as if they were to be collated for an edited edition. Successful completion of this exercise will require students to identify and defend their collection, demonstrate the linkages between the readings, evaluate the contribution of the readings, and set the material in the wider context of debates within the domain of international business history.

The topics for these collections need to be approved by Dr Boughey, and we??ll do this in one of the Friday seminars or via email. Ideally the topics should be focused rather than general, and there follows a list of indicative ideas, and you can select one of these if you so wish.

• Estimating and Measuring Foreign Direct Investment

• Multinational Oil

• Gas and Water Multinationals before 1950

• Nationalisation and Sequestration of MNE Assets

• Japanese FDI before 1940

• Foreign Investment in Japan before 1940

• Multinational Marketing in the 1930s

• British Free-Standing Companies in Africa

• Multinationals and Technology Transfer, 1870 ?C 1970

• Multinationals and South Africa

• Multinationals from Emerging Economies

• The Rise of Multinational Telecoms

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