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Intercultural Communication Analysis

The key to your success is spending some time thinking, preparing, and reflecting. Here it is:

  • Think of/create/borrow four or five questions you will ask a member of another culture about their culture, specifically: beliefs, values, attitudes and how communication works in their culture. Questions could be about gender and communication, nonverbal communication, words or language, etc. Start thinking of your questions now. We will make a list of appropriate questions in class on Monday 10/7/2019 (The list is below).
  • Identify a person or two who might be willing to help you with this assignment.
  • Ask one of these good people if they will help you with an assignment for your communication class. Tell them you will probably need no more than around 45 minutes of their time.
  • Get together with your interviewee and…you guessed it…ask/discuss the questions. You should also utilize what are called “probes” – these are follow-ups to your initial question. Examples include “Why do you feel that way?” or “Can you tell me more?” or “Can you share a specific example?” TAKE NOTES!
  • Consider your own answers to these questions. How are your answers different? How are they similar? This is a key component of the reflection process…where the higher learning happens.
  • In a 3 to 4 page paper describe the interview, what you learned via the interview, AND the steps you could take to ensure that communication between you and this person, or another person from the same culture as your interviewee, is as positive and effective as possible. Providing a clear response to this last question is VERY important. Your clear response to this question is the foundation of your paper’s conclusion.

Remember – as with any college level paper, your work should include a cover sheet, clear introduction (with a “hook”), a solid, well-organized body, and an effective conclusion that provides closure.

That’s it in a nutshell 😊 Good luck and enjoy the process of investigating a culture.



some of these questions for your Intercultural Analysis assignment:

  • How do you greet friends you haven’t seen in a while in your culture?
  • Are there any nonverbal gestures you should not use in your culture?
  • How do you introduce yourself to new people in your culture?
  • What languages are typically used in your culture?
  • How close do you stand to someone when communicating?
  • Are there specific rules or expectations for how men and women communicate in your culture?
  • What holidays are important in your culture?
  • What are some of the fundamental beliefs in your culture?
  • How important is religion in your culture?
  • Are there things that are forbidden in your culture that are acceptable in western culture?
  • What types of food are popular in your culture?
  • How do you perceive Americans and their materialistic desires?


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