Integration Summary #2

As we did a few weeks ago, this week we’ll pause in performing more research and work to synthesize and integrate the findings thus far.

For the Integration Summary, you will each prepare an analysis that will include a discussion of each of the following major areas:

Value Chain Analysis

Create an image of Porter’s Value Chain analysis for United and discuss your findings.

  • where is the value found/added in the organization?
  • how does United compare in these areas to their top competitors?

4P’s of Marketing

Using the 4 Ps – product, price, promotion, place/distribution – of United’s marketing mix.

  • describe the strategic position/positioning of United’s services in the marketplace?

Resource and Capability Strengths/Importance Matrix

“Resources are the productive assets owned by the firm, whether tangible, intangible, or human. Capabilities are what the firm does with its resources, how it deploys them” (Evans, 2014, p. 51).

Prepare a Resource Strengths/Importance Matrix to assess the relative strength and importance of the resources and capabilities.

  • discuss your findings on the company
  • discuss the implications of these findings for the company
  • discuss the implications of these findings in the competitive environment

Core Competency Analysis

Using your assessment of United’s core competencies from a few weeks ago, evaluate/reevaluate that assessment

  • what are United’s core competencies?
  • are they sustainable in the dynamic and challenging airline industry?

MGT 670 Questions – Right now/today

  • Who IS United?
    • Who are they NOT?
  • Based on your assessment thus far – what are your initial thoughts on where they should be going in the future?What are your initial thoughts on some of the things United should consider doing to get there?
    • Where should they NOT consider going (based on who they are not)?

Revised Current Business Analysis

Reapply the Balanced Score Card to United and determine where/if there is balance

  • speculate on the ability of the company to move forward given this balance

Concluding Thoughts – Sun and Clouds Chart

In summary, prepare a Sun and Clouds chart based on your thoughts on United thus far … this is your personal opinion, no research required!

NOTE – there is no required number of slides, length of time per slide, overall required length of time.

As an ‘audit professional’ these formatting decisions are at your discretion … and the goal is for you to think through the content and format creation process and learn how to integrate and synthesize these findings!

Last Updated on June 22, 2021