INGOs and NGOs

As agents of change INGOs are constantly faced with issues of legitimacy, representivity and needing to prove their contribution towards achieving the goals of development. Within the current global socio-political context, what ways can INGOs establish  legitimacy, representivity and enhance their effectiveness?

Identify case studies to illustrate how different NGOs respond to these challenges.

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Also read: Essay on various forms of diversity

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Highly Recommended Journals

Journal of Civil Society

Development in Practice


Journal of Third World Studies

Development Bulletin

Development Policy Review

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References and Links

The web has a large amount of NGO material, as any search of the topics ‘NGOs and Development’ will reveal. There is constantly

new material made available on the web, and it is worth using it as a research tool if you have access. Here are a few NGO websites to get you started. Many have further links. (Please inform Course Coordinator if any links are broken.)

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