Information Technology


  1. What is a computer peripheral device? Provide 5 examples of peripheral devices that an OS must manage.


  1. Describe each of the 3 peripheral device types: dedicated, shared and virtual.


  1. What is device management? What are the 4 main functions involved in device management?


  1. What is a RAID? Briefly describe how RAID works.


  1. What are the 3 software components that the OS uses to handle I/O requests? Briefly describe each.


  1. Compare and contrast Sequential Access Storage devices and Direct Access Storage Devices.


  1. Identify and briefly describe the 3 categories of Direct Access Storage Devices.


  1. What is DASD Access Time? Identify and describe 3 factors discussed that impactDASD access time?


  1. Research magnetic, optical and solid state storage. Consider performance (capacity and speed) and cost (cost per byte) of these storage mediums.  How do they compare today?  What are predictions for the future?

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