Information Literacy

For the samples below, use signal phrases and parenthetical citations to work the quotation into a sentence. Any necessary information for the in-text citation is provided. You may use all or part of the quotation, or you may paraphrase or summarize.


Author: Randy Sonoma; Publication date: 2011; Page number 138
Quotation: “The incidence of high suicide rates is partly due to a lack of sufficient intervention programs.”
Randy Sonoma (2011) has blamed the large number of suicides on “a lack of sufficient intervention programs” (p. 138).
There are many causes for suicide but one factor is “lack of sufficient intervention programs” (Sonoma, 2011, p. 138).
Research indicates that suicide rates are tied to adequate availability of resources for prevention (Sonoma, 2011, p. 138).

1. Author: Sarah Belkins; Publication date: 2007; Page number 23
Quotation: “Children of alcoholic parents are less likely to find themselves in healthy, loving adult relationships.”

2. Author: Raymond Smith; Publication date: 2011; Page number 125
Quotation: “Following a diet of 1000 calories a day or less is not advised without the supervision of a medical professional.”

3. Authors: Brian Henks and Brenda Smanke; Publication date: 2015; Paragraph number 12
Quotation: “Sustainable weight loss is most often achieved through losing weight slowly by following a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.

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