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International Exhibitions and Events


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to audit or review tradeshow from the perspective of an event planner. You should observe all aspects of the tradeshow, no longer only as an attendee, but now as if you are going to be running this specific event in the future.

Document what was successful at this event, as well as what needs improvement. In addition, creatively brainstorm what “other” added amenities might enhance the experience of the attendee.

4 pages


  • You will need to attend a tradeshow during this term. (Find a Tradeshow in Taiwan, not US) (I suggest you to find a wedding tradeshow in Taiwan)

Here are some list: (you can use translate to translate into English)

No.1 (Try to use this tradeshow to write)



  • Please use the following outline in creating your evaluation.
  • Cover page must include the following information:
  • You full name
  • Due date of paper
  • Term
  • Event Location
  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • You MUST follow the section number and sub-section letter format exactly as outlined below or points will be deducted.
  • Points may be deducted for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Should be a word document
  1. Tradeshow Selection
  2. Event Title
  3. Location
  4. Date
  5. Cost to attend the tradeshow
  6. Detailed description of the tradeshow
  7. Submit a SWOT analysis of the event.
  8. Facility Management (For this part, some of the question you could made up by yourself, I’m okay with it)
  9. How well is the facility managed? Is there evidence of ushers, security, and tradeshow support staff?
  10. Are the entrances and exits well marked?
  11. Does the venue fit the overall purpose of the event?
  12. Does there seem to be accommodations for ADA?
  13. Provide and evaluate the floorplan for exhibitors
  14. Marketing and Promotion (For this part, some of the question you could made up by yourself, I’m okay with it)
  15. Discuss the marketing and promotional efforts used by the organization or the event manager.
  16. Identify all tradeshow sponsors and discuss where they are evident.
  17. Exhibit Operations (For this part, some of the question you could made up by yourself, I’m okay with it)
  18. Was the registration process managed well?
  19. Discuss the details of the tradeshow schedule.
  20. Audience Considerations (Use Taiwan as the culture, also you can made some of it up)
  21. Were there any cultural considerations made? If so, what were they?
  22. Were elements of national international protocol implemented?
  23. Honors, Staging, Flags, and so on.

6.Event Review (Pretend you already went to the event, write about it’s a successful event, there’s different people blah blah blah)

  1. What went well at the event and/or what would you improve?
  2. Get Creative! (Made up by yourself)
  3. How would you enhance the event?
  4. What added amenities would you add as the Event Manager?
Event Audit RubricPoints
1. Tradeshow Selection20
2. Facility Management10
3. Marketing and Promotion10
4. Exhibit Operations10
5. Audience Considerations10
6. Event Review25
7. Get Creative!15
8. Sub Total Points100
Deductions( )


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