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In-House Business Proposal

In-House Business Proposal – The Company’s Internet Direction

Submit a Business Proposal based on your Internet Presentation to what direction the company should take in building a presence on the internet. Highlight services, applications, and opportunities. In addition, address cost, infrastructure ease, training, and labor requirements.

THINK GLOBAL; select a product or service that you currently own (or want to use) and a country that you’re not familiar with.

You have already done the first step by putting together your presentation now gather more information and put it into a persuasive document. Provide a plan as to how the company will finance, market and provide services you wish it to provide.

Use everything refers to almanacs, encyclopedias, the Internet, and library databases for the most recent information, and pay close attention to descriptions of the social cultural differences, economic conditions, and business environments that encourage or discourage use of the product or service.Your Task

General Format

Write a three to five-page “Business Proposal” describing the product and services you plan to use in building your company’s Internet presence. The proposal should contain data, recommendations and conclusions as to what route the company should take to achieve its goals. Don’t forget to cite your references.

You are highly encouraged to include financials, action plan, and a social media strategy. Your report is to be submitted to the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Dana P Fitch MBA via the “Assignment” tab on blackboard.

The paper must be typed

Use headings within the report when appropriate (please review Part 5, Pages 341-391, “Reports and Proposals”). For this report please include a Cover Page, Memo of Transmittal, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations, and a Bibliography (The Cover, Memo of Transmittal, Table of Contents, and Bibliography will not be counted towards the three to five-page requirement).

Plan the paper carefully so as to develop an organized and non-redundant proposal. It should be organized and assembled as a continuous document and should not appear to be several independent segments bound together.
You must have a minimum of three to five sources.

Some other helpful sites include: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


In general, the proposal will be evaluated on its effectiveness and compliance with the syllabus assignment rubric. In addition:
Are the purpose and main idea of the document clear?

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