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Impacts of health policy making.

Debate the impacts of health policy making.


Political cartoons are a concise, humorous form of “debating” contemporary political issues. Nearly any controversial issue serves as fodder for political cartoonists, and healthcare reform is no exception. In this assignment, you will analyze the messages of two political cartoons. Whether you laugh out loud, snicker, or groan and grimace, these little snippets of mass communication exert a big influence in our national political discourse.

Action Items

Visit U.S. News & World Report’s Today’s Political Cartoons.

Choose two cartoons that depict opposing views of healthcare reform.

Provide information about the cartoons to help your peers correctly identify them; for example “First column, third cartoon from the top”.

Do not copy the cartoon image to your post; doing so would be a violation of copyright law.

Write a 550-word response of your reaction to the cartoons you chose:

First, write an opinion-free synopsis of the message communicated by each cartoon – just the facts, so to speak.

Now write your opinion of the message expressed by each one including whether or not you agree with it, and why.

Finally, answer the following question: Does the cartoon accurately reflect the nature of the national debate on healthcare reform?

Last Updated on March 24, 2018

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