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The impact of budgeting on profitability in UK department stores

– Other than some preliminary literature review, you are not expected to perform actual research in this assessment, but rather, you should propose a research question or activity that is clearly defined, logical and feasible.
– You should provide a background or rationale for choosing to investigate the particular issue
– You should pose one or several objectives that you hope/expect to achieve as a result of undertaking the project.
– You should explain your proposed methodology to meet these objectives (in connection with data, data collection, analysis, and interpretation of analysis etc.).
– You should discuss limitations and issues such as access to data, planning horizon, validity of analysis, and ethical issues etc.
– You should comment on the usefulness and potential application of the research which you have proposed.
– Marks for this assessment will be awarded on the basis of:
a) The clarity/feasibility of your intended research question;
b) The clarity with which you explain the background/rationale behind the project and the objectives that you hope to achieve;
c) The extent and relevance of your preliminary literature review;
d) Appropriateness/feasibility of the research methodology and the identification/discussion of any limitations foreseen;

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