Immigration Overhaul

CONTEXT: Current political debate often hinges on redefining terms and extending definitions. For example, immigration reform rests on redefining the terms illegal immigrant and Presidential authority.

ASSIGNMENT: Examine an author’s extended definition. In 150 words, describe the authors’ perspectives on the terms “Presidential authority” and “illegal immigrants”.

Click on the link to read a recent article published in The Washington Post entitled “Obama Announces Immigration Overhaul Shielding 4 Million from Deportation.”

To earn full points, achieve the following:
• In 150 words, describe the two perspectives on presidential authority and illegal immigrant.
• The first sentence, topic sentence, should introduce the article title, author names, and the position taken in the article.
• The final sentence should wrap up or conclude your evaluation of the position.
• Use examples, logic, and analysis to support your position.
• Demonstrate knowledge of extended definition writing (view this video to learn more
• Include one direct quotation to support your position.
• Use proper citations.
Reference Citation (change the date retrieved to the current date and use a hanging indent) Nakamura, D., Costa, R., & Fahrenthold, D. (2014, November 20). Obama announces immigration overhaul shielding 4 million from deportation. Retrieved August 1, 2015, from

Parenthetical Citations Citations are placed in the context of discussion, and are formatted like so, using the author’s last name and the date of publication:
Defining the reach of the President’s power to produce change for immigration reform is an issue because many doubt that Obama has “the legal standing to enact changes” (Nakamura, D., Costa, R., & Fahrenthold, D., 2014).
Alternatively, you can integrate the citation into the sentence by means of narrative, like so:
Nakamura, Costa, and Fahrenthold (2014) discuss the role of the defining illegal immigration on immigration reform.

• Write in third person point-of-view with proper paragraph and essay structure.


“In the article “Obama Announces Immigration Overhaul Shielding 4 Million from Deportation” by David Nakamura, Robert Costa, and David Fahrenthold, the authors use alternative descriptions of “Presidential authority” and “illegal immigrant” to evoke positive or negative views of the terms. Obama’s use of “Presidential authority” is described by such wording as “well within the precedent”, “legal standing”, and “absolutely supported by the law” to convey that the actions of Obama are completely legal (Nakamura, Costa, & Fahrenthold, 2014).

In contrast, the authors describe the opposition to Obama’s “Presidential authority” using terms such as “Emperor Obama”, “presidential overreach”, and “legacy of lawlessness” to portray Obama’s actions as unlawful and overreaching (Nakamura, et al., 2014). The authors also use various descriptions of “illegal immigrant” such as undocumented, parents, families, kids, and “otherwise law-abiding” to portray illegal immigrants in a positive light by de-emphasizing the illegal aspect (Nakamura, et al., 2014). As can be seen, the authors use alternative words for common terms to evoke emotions and imagery to persuade the reader to a viewpoint which can be either positive or negative.

Nakamura, D., Costa, R., & Fahrenthold, D. (2014, November 20). Obama announces immigration overhaul shielding 4 million from deportation. Retrieved October 26, 2015, from”

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