Identity & Community

Module 4 Assignment: Identity & Community

MR4 Final Due Date: Fri, Feb 2nd 11:45PM.
: 5%
Minimum Word Count: 700 words Maximum Word Count: 800 words
“For scholars, the selfie phenomenon represents a paradox. As an object, the selfie lends itself to
cultural scorn and shaming. As a cultural practice, however, selfie circulation grows by the
moment, moving far beyond the clichéd understanding of bored teenagers sharing narcissistic
tendencies online. Selfies have come under considerable scrutiny and debate – ranging from
discussions about ego-centric acts to empowering forms of self-expression that build local and
global community.” (Senft et al 2014)
For this module response assignment, you will be asked to select a popular Selfie as a case study
for critical discussion. Ideally, this will be a Selfie that has received a lot of attention, and has
been discussed and debated in the media – for whatever reason (see some examples that are
Your Selfie artifact should be one that can provide a rich academic analysis and discussion about
the fluid social boundaries of ‘egocentric’ and ’empowering’. You will provide some context and
description of the Selfie you have selected in the introduction, and then critically analyze how
your case study could be examined as an ego-centric act and/or an empowering form of selfexpression – depending on context, the social location of the ‘viewer’, and how ‘meaning making’
occurs (ie Stuart Hall 1997). Discuss and theorize the social significance of Selfies, and how
Selfies can build (or dismantle) local and global community. You MUST use academic sources
for this discussion and analysis, otherwise it is simply opinion and description (which is not what
is asked for).

Important Notes:

The ‘tone’ of this module response is academic.
You must include a link to the Selfie you have selected in your Reference list (check how to
format this entry properly in APA).
Your MR4 response must include at least three of the module four Required Readings, and
at least
one additional outside academic source (four sources in total).
You are required to stay within the minimum and maximum word count or you will be
penalized a half a mark.
Please pay attention to your writing style – grammar and punctuation matter. Have someone
proofread your work. Your responses should have an introduction, body/discussion, and
conclusion. Response submissions should not be one paragraph.
Properly cite any readings that you use using APA. Reference list is not included in the word
count. Submissions that do not cite and reference material properly will not be accepted and
will result in a zero.
Use APA format for citing the readings and for your reference list – no need for title pages, or
running header this assignment.
Do not use any direct quotes in your module submissions. Instead, rephrase and cite properly,
or you will be penalized a half a mark

Please name your MR4 file properly with course number, last name, and assignment name.
For example: 2F00YourLastNameMR4.doc

How to submit this assignment:

Go to Assignments on Sakai.
Click MR4 and and click ‘Add Attachments’. The file must be a .doc file, or a .pdf file.
Note: If you are using a Mac, you can convert a Pages document into a word .doc file by
going to the menu bar and choosing: ‘File’ – ‘Export’– ‘Word’
Files that cannot open and/or incorrect files will receive a grade of 0.
We will not be tracking down assignments: you must submit properly, on-time.
Check and double check to ensure that the file is attached and is the correct file. After
submitting, definitely review your submission so you can see/confirm the file.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have uploaded your file into Sakai. You have a
maximum of five re-submission attempts BEFORE the deadline passes.
Late assignments are not accepted and will receive a grade of 0.
Assignments sent via e-mail will receive a grade of 0.
Do not wait until the last ten minutes to submit your module response.
Technological issues (ie my laptop froze at 11:44pm) are not grounds for extensions. You
MUST have the appropriate (and reliable) technology to take this course, and you must plan
your time effectively.

MR4 Grading Rubric

The MR4 Grading Rubric is included here in order to help you formulate your submission.
-provides some context and description of the selected Selfie in the introduction
-uses academic research to critically analyze selected Selfie as ego-centric act and/or
empowering form of self-expression
-discusses/theorizes the social significance of Selfies
-discusses/theorizes how Selfies can build (or dismantle) local and global community
-includes at least three of M4 Required Readings to support analysis
-includes at least one additional outside academic source to support analysis

Writing Style & Referencing

-presents discussion in an academic/formal manner
-cites sources properly according to APA format
-provides a properly APA formatted reference list of cited sources.
-flows well organizationally with clear writing style & proper tone; introduction, body with
supporting evidence, and conclusion.
-presents discussion free of typos, and free of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph
structure errors.
-includes a link to the Selfie in the reference list (and properly formatted)

Framework of Grading

Incomplete 50s D
Submission is missing key components of the assignment guidelines.
Inaccuracies 60s C
Submission does not follow assignment guidelines or requirements.
Needs Work 70s B
Submission mostly follows requirements, but has areas that need improvement (ie depth of
Meets Criteria 80s A
Submission follows guidelines and meets all assignment requirements in a coherent way.
Exceeds Expectations 90 A+
Submission reflects a level of analysis that goes beyond what is expected at a second year course

Examples of some Selfies that have received considerable media attention and social
criticism (there are a lot!).

Arps, B. (2017). “Here’s the major problem behind celebrities’ ‘no makeup’ selfies that no one is
talking about” Insider Online at
Calkins, K. (2014) “Dutch Woman Fakes Trip To Southeast Asia, Highlights Universal Truth.”
Ravishly. 11 September. Online at
Mueller, M. (2011) “How my Family Photo Turned into an Internet Meme.” Petapixel. 11
December. Online at

Rhodan, M. (2014) “Facebook Lifts Ban on Exposed Nipples in Breastfeeding Photos.” Time 13
Dewey, Caitlin. 2014. “The Other Side of the Infamous Auschwitz Selfie” The Washington Post.
July 22.

Swann, E. (2013) What’s the Etiquette of Selfies at Funerals?” CNN. 11 December.
Watts. S. (2014). “The Audacity of No Chill: Kara Walker in the Instagram Capital.” Gawker.
Online at

Stuart Hall Reference –
Hall, S. (Ed.) (1997). Representation: Cultural representations and signifying practices. Chapter
1: Representation, meaning and language. London Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage in association
with the Open University. pp. 15-64

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