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Identifying Areas for Growth

Identifying Areas for Growth

Self-assessment can be revealing, encouraging, daunting, and, at best, inspiring. The important thing is to keep in mind that everyone feels the same way. The key is to use the results to help you grow. Again, engaging in meaningful discussions with colleagues can provide support. This week, you will use the Discussion to share what you have learned from the three self-assessments in this week’s

Learning Resources:

1) the Habits of Mind Survey,

2) the Assessment of Professional Development, and

3) the Seventeen Competencies for Becoming a Professional: A Professional Development Checklist.

To prepare for this Discussion, review the results of each of the assessments.

By Day 3:

Post a response to the following:


Describe three areas in which you have grown to excel in by completing your coursework in this program.

Identify three areas in which you need to grow, based on your self-assessments, in order to be more effective in your work as an early childhood professional.

Describe how you will help yourself grow in these areas.

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