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Identifying an Obstacle and Creating a Plan of Action

DRE 096 Essay 1: Identifying an Obstacle and Creating a Plan of Action


1-2 paragraphs (more than 1/2 page; no more than 1 t/2 pages), typed, doublespaced (Beware: Word sometimes adds extra space after you hit enter! You need
to fix this!)


12 point Times New Roman or equivalent


1 inch


Name, Professor, Class, and Date on the top left (MLA rules)


Something unique; centered

Page #s:

each side (Beware: the Word default is often 1.25 on the sides.)

Last name then#; top right of page


Prewriting and planning worksheets
Rough draft (bring to class on M, 8/28 for peer revision workshop)
Peer revision worksheet (completed in class on M, 8/28)
Upload rough draft for instructor feedback (8/28-9/1)
Reflection (in class on W, 9/6)
Upload final draft (by start of class on W, 9/6)

Folder Deadline:

Wednesday, September 6, start of class

Submission checklist:

Prewriting and planning sheets; rough draft(s); peer revision worksheet; final
draft; reflection


*Use of the first person (I/me/my/mine/ours) is encouraged.
* Do not incorporate any outside sources.

The prompt:

Your assignment is to write an essay in which you take inventory of your
strengths and weaknesses. Next, you will describe at least one personal,
professional, or academic weakness in detail You will explain what have
done, what you currently do, and what you plan to do in the future to
strengthen your identified weakness. Finally, you will explain the connection
between your identified weakness and any major obstacle(s) standing
between you and the accomplishment of your personal, professional, or
academic goal(s). Finally, you will share a vision of how you plan to overcome
your obstacles and meet your goals.
Possible types of strengths and weaknesses: personality, character,
professional, physical/athletic, academic, maternal/paternal, spousal,
caretaking, friend, habits, spiritual/moral, and artistic.


• Practice responding to the prompt aloud, to a friend or family member, as a form of
prewriting. Even better, record yourself speaking, play it back, and type your own words.
• Use signal and transition words/phrases to effectively shift from your strengths and
weaknesses to your obstacles and then to your plan of action.
• Make connections between your personal strengths and your plan of action. Which strengths
will you utilize to accomplish your goals?
• Instead of listing your strengths in list form, share anecdotes which SHOW the reader your
strengths (as opposed to TELLING).
• How will you know when you’ve reached your goal? What will you do then? (Conclusion


DRE 096
Essay 1 Brainstorming/Prewriting


Things to consider:













List your strengths here:

Think about it•.. why do you think tltese are your strengths? How have you developed these


List your weaknesses (room for improvement) here:

Think about it… why do you think these are your weaknesses?

List any major obstacles/difficulties in your life here (not necessarily the same as

Choose one weakness or obstacle that you are most inspired to improve upon or overcome.
Write it here:

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