Iago and Othello

Iago and Othello

Skim the play to get a sense of the main points. Use study guides. Cut yourself slack. Aim to get the big picture more than understand every tiny word. You can discuss anything big or small from the play and all the materials. About 10-13 sentences.

Othello: Iago and Othello Study Material : 

  • How scary is it to read Shakespeare? Have you ever read any Shakespeare? If so, which plays?
  • Have you ever read Othello before? If so, when? (My guess is that this play is a little sexy and problematic for high school, but I don’t know.)
  • To what extent are the study guides useful? Do you have any favorites?
  • What has surprised you most about the play or about the study guides?
  • What is the coolest thing you have figured out?
  • Do you have any special study tips for your classmates?
  • Do you have a favorite character, scene, or speech in this play?
  • What do you make of the fact that interpretations of this play have changed so much over the past 400 years?


After finish this please response to two comments below ( how do you think about this idea ? Agree, disagree, or your point? )

The first comment:

” Reading Shakespeare has always demonstrated to be an interesting experience for me. I find his plays to be very dramatic and he seems to enjoy using exaggeration to get a reaction from the reader of the play script or viewer of the play. This is why his plays seem to end up becoming very good movies: they have lots of drama.

Personally, I do not enjoy reading his plays too much. I suggest you try not to cram too much reading when trying to study. Cramming has been proven to not assist in learning so you should try to stay away from it. Space your studying out and relax. You will see how stress free and prepared you feel.”


Iago and Othello, The second comment:

” Shakespeare’s work has a depth and perception that leaves the audience wanting more. Although I typically do not prefer Shakespeare as reading material, it has allowed me to see what type of writer Shakespeare was. Shakespeare had other plays that were about people turning on each other, or how to obtain power.

There are many titles that are or appear to be similar, but non the less different in their own way. Shakespeare opens up a door through his writing to see the different views and cultural differences through out his name, which i none way or another still is happening now. Race, culture, was, etc. all of these things are still modern day problems. Shakespeare is good to present in modern day to try and get students involved and incorporate the problems from before into modern day. ”

Compare and contrast 2 characters. Iago and Othello? How are they different?And what do they demonstrate.

MLA format 500-700 words.
Thesis & topic sentences must be argumentative in nature.
Use only the story : “Othello, the mood of Venice” by William Shakespeare.
No outside resources.

Keep it simple, on point, accurate, and short 7-10 sentences.

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