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Humanist and Magnum Style Photography

Humanist and Magnum Style Photography

Humanist or classic ?Magnum-style? photo-documentary is dead?. What do you think of this quote? Is this type of photography dead? Discuss the demise of ?humanist? documentary with reference to the photography of Sebastiao Salgado, Trent Parke and Martin Parr.

You will need to link your understanding of humanist and posthumanist philosophic approaches to documentary photography practices of the above practitioners.

The essay questions asks that students show their familiarity with relevant aspects of photographic history & the key themes discussed in the lectures, screenings, workshops and associated readings. You will need to choose

pertinent material & develop this in depth rather than covering a lot of material in a superficial manner.

The final essay must reflect on aspects of the lectures & readings & use research to develop them in relation to your argument.

The important thing here is that you do more than simply reproduce the theory – you put it to use – you reflect on it – you contextualise it according to your own informed judgement about photography.

Quotes & references should be used in support of your argument.

Essays will be assessed on the following criteria (weighted equally)

1. The breadth, depth & relevance of your research.

2. The clarity & interest of your argument (includes

written English expression)

3. Demonstration of your engagement with &

understanding of key themes & concepts raised

in unit materials i.e. lectures & readings.

4. Linking theory & practice (by way of examples,

illustrate a point by explanation of a particular

photographic effect or body of work)

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