Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Group-based Assignment
July 2017 Presentation

HRM201e Group-based Assignment

This group-based assignment is worth 30% of the final mark for HRM201e Human Resource
The cut-off date for this assignment is
5 September 2017 (Tuesday), 2355hrs.
This is a group assignment. You should form a group of
maximum 4 members from your
seminar group. Each group is required to upload a single report to Canvas via your respective
seminar group.
Each group should nominate one leader, who will submit the group-based case study on
behalf of the group through Turnitin. Please inform the various group members after the case
study has been submitted. The group leader is advised to keep the acknowledgement receipt
of submission as evidence that the assignment has been submitted.
In this group-based assignment, you will be assessed on your knowledge of Study Unit One
to Six. Please note that as undergraduates you must prove that you are able to apply the
appropriate theories to the facts that you are given and answer the questions accordingly. This
means that you must refer to the appropriate theories in the body of your answers.
Therefore, you must include an in-text reference to acknowledge each outside source used
and to provide a complete citation in your Reference List. Only one Reference List covering
all questions is required.
This group-based assignment is a test of your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the
practical HR issues in an organization and how an understanding of the relevant concepts can
be applied to address these issues.
In addition to theoretical knowledge, there is also a strong emphasis on application of the
theory. To successfully complete this GBA you need to demonstrate your ability to analyse
and interpret complex issues as well as describe and apply appropriate theories to the facts
given. As soon-to-be business graduates, you also need to demonstrate a high degree of skill
in business writing. Each of the questions for the Group-based Assignment will indicate the
format for your answer.
The following format is to be adhered to:
Font type – Times New Roman
Font Size – 12 point
Line Spacing – 1.5″
Margin – Normal (1″ all round)

Group-based Assignment

Question 1
Training can be generally defined as an intervention by management to bridge a performance
gap between expected performance and actual performance. It may be expected to impart and
equip workers with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes. Expenditure spent on training is
usually justified by cost and benefits analysis in order to encourage continued budgetary
funding from top management. In this regard, HR departments must pay close attention to the
entire training process in order to ensure that training yields measurable outcomes that
outweigh the cost of implementation.
In this GBA project, your group is to attempt the following tasks:
(a) Explain clearly what key concerns must be addressed and conscientiously managed in
the design of a training programme to achieve overall training benefits.
Answer in not more than 750 words)
(30 marks)
(b) Select
two (2) motivational theories, for example: expectancy theory, reinforcement
theory, goal-setting theory and etc., you believe can be used to partly motivate workers
in their commitment to training. You need to explain the major tenets and assumptions of
the theories and give sound arguments for their effectiveness in motivating learners.
Answer in not more than 750 words)
(30 marks)
Question 2
There are numerous reports of best practices in training and development found in business
and HR journals. These are instances where sound theories meet effective practice.
(a) Conduct a secondary research on a successful and exemplary training programme
implemented by a global or local company. Identify key strengths in the organisation’s
training programme and the reported benefits of the programme.
Answer in not more than 500 words)
(20 marks)
(b) Conduct an interview with a training manager in Singapore to investigate what and how
training is planned, implemented and evaluated in his/her company. You are to evaluate
the effectiveness of this training programme against the exemplary programme that you
have researched in the above. In this report, please include the questions and transcript
of the interview.
Answer in not more than 500 words, excluding Interview Questions and Transcript)
(20 marks)
—- END OF GBA —-

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