Human Relations Essay

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The essay is to be no less than four pages, double spaced with proper APA 6th Edition writing format. Include your title page and reference page; however, those pages do not count in paper length. Ensure you prepare your work with college level writing.


In today’s business environment, the most important department is the Human Resource (HR) Department. Having said that, the human resource department has a major impact on influencing human behavior in the workplace. It comprises many elements of responsibilities; employee development, retention and attrition, performance reviews, harassment, EEOC, diversity in the workplace, government regulations and policies affecting behavior at work, and many others.

In addition, the responsibilities may include the human resource department to play an influential role in human behavior throughout the entire workplace, even if it is an international organization. The forces that do influence human behavior may be national and international and the human resource department is to be aware of country laws, cultures, and policies and practices within those countries.


After reading the scenario above, in essay format, identify six major forces influencing human behavior at work. Be specific in each of the major forces you select and include in your essay

the following requirements for each of the six forces:

  1. Describe in detail the major force (for example, workplace diversity)
  2. Your justification (rationale) for your selection of the force
  3. The influence this particular behavior has on the contribution to the overall work


  1. Identify vital indicators of concern related to the major force
  2. Recommendations by you to increase employee awareness or solutions if needed (for example, sexual harassment/harassment free environment)
  1. Incorporate facts to back up your selection (tables, charts, etc)
  2. Additional data/information relevant to the major force that influences human behavior in the workplace



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