How to Format Discussion Essays

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How to Format Discussion Essays


  1. The thesis must be underlined and make an argument that can be refuted (meaning, don’t point out obvious things; a reasonable person ought to be able to disagree with the argument given the same evidence).
    1. Thesis must be specific and say what you claim, how it works, and why it’s important.
    2. It may be up to 2 sentences long, but not more.
  2. Claims and Evidence: to prove your argument you must make claims that are then supported by evidence from the readings, viewings, or podcasts.
    1. We need direct quotes from the articles (with page #s when available)
    2. You may paraphrase closely from a video or podcast but give us a time-stamp (ex: 7:06-7:45)
table explaining requirements for each of the grade ranges as far as number of claims and type of evidence used
Specs Grade # of Claims & Evidence
A 3 claims supported by 3 pieces of evidence (with pg#s when available, or time-stamps)
B 2 claims supported by 2 pieces of evidence (with pg#s when available, or time-stamps)
C 1 claim supported by 1 piece of evidence (with pg# when available, or time-stamp)
F no distinct claims, no direct quote or paraphrase,


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