How Gatsby connects to the American Dream

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For this assignment: Read the entire novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and then type a 600+ word summary of the entire novel.

Then answer: 1) How does Gatsby connect to the American Dream?

2) How does Nick connect to the American Dream?

Answer each question with 500+ words and do not say that the book was about LOVE ! The novel is NOT ABOUT LOVE ! Be specific about how Nick & Gatsby connect to the American Dream and cite specific details from the book in support of your answers.

Please address the readings and learning modules as part of your response. Avoid, phrases such as: “I think,” “to me,” “in my opinion,” and “I agree.” Simply present your argument with supporting material from the course.

The Dream and Politics of Identity Applied: The Great Gatsby

The Dream Applied


1) Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby (entire novel)


1) Multiple-choice Quiz 4 Essay Reading Quiz (4)

2) Essay Quiz 4 Dream Multiple-Choice Quiz 4


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