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How children develop

EDEC102 Assessment task 2

“Viewing children as active participants and decision-makers open up possibilities for educators to move beyond pre-conceived expectations about what children can do and learn. This requires educators to respect and work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities.” (EYLF p. 10)

Task: With reference to the above quote from the EYLF and two theorists from the lists below, discuss how children develop.

You must choose one theorist from List (A) and one theorist from List (B).

List (A) List (B) (see Week 3 lecture slides)

Rousseau Wesley

Froebel Aquinas



Suggested structure (1500 words)

Introduction: Choosing two theorists (One each from List A & B), discuss their image of the child and its relevance to child development. (250)

Body: Discuss how the image of the child each of your chosen theorist support what children can do and learn. Compare how each theorist respect and work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities and its importance to support children to be active participants and decision makers in their learning? (550 + 550)

Conclusion: Conclude with your image of the child and how it influence the way you work with young children in the future. (150)


This is a research essay. Therefore, you must read and refer to academic articles.

1) EYLF must be cited

2) 3 academic articles

Websites such as are not academic sources. You can use these to read for information and help you understand information, but you must use peer-reviewed articles from journals or textbooks to support your writing.

Examples of academic articles available through the Excelsia College library

Best, R. (2016). Exploring the spiritual in the pedagogy of Friedrich Froebel, International journal of children’s spirituality, 21 (3-4) 272-282.

Pound, L. (2017). How Children Learn-Book 1: From Montessori to Vygosky – Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy (Vol. 1). Andrews UK Limited.

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