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Honesty is the Best Policy Paper

Review these videos from your Module 5: Interactive lecture:

Applying “honesty is the best policy” in the workplace could allow employees to understand when there is a need to institute quick and fair layoffs. This approach, added to a fair severance package for those fired, can also improve the organizations hiring of new talent needed to move the organization into the correct direction.

Look at where you presently work or have in the past and explain how honesty is or is not practiced in the organization and its effects on finding the right people to fill positions.

  • If you become inserted into an executive role, how might you handle honesty and the need for layoffs?
  • Would there be a new set of rules and guidelines regarding the new policy or an internal meeting?
  • What would the exit interview look like?
  • Would there be an exit survey?
  • How would you leverage this information to improve the policy?
  • Provide the specifics of the situation (Honesty from the CEO and Quick and fair layoffs) for each scenario, which can be real or one you create.
  • State how the approach scenario allows the organization to find and hire strong new talent.
  •   should be 3 pages in length

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