Homosexual adopting

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Homosexual adopting (introduction only)

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homosexual adopting (introduction only)

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Research paper



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If you take this order.. you will get assign every week parts by parts until this 30 pages assignments are completed. my topic is about “homosexual parents adopting kids from froster care compare to heterosexual parents adopting kids from froster care, the hypothesis i want it to be like homosexual parents adopting kids are more likely to care more about people, be more successful”
the whole three pages should just be the intro of the research paper. academic journal articles references only. and help me think out a topic for this research paper.

our intro should answer the following questions:

Why does this issue/topic matter (offer support with statistics, data-driven examples, previous events) – majority of intro
Why should your reader care about this issue/topic? Provide context, and potential implications for addressing issue/topic.
What brought you to this topic? Keep this section brief – one paragraph or so
What do you plan to do in this study? Succinctly tell your reader what you will do, but to not detail your methods. For example, you can write: “To better understand poverty in Los Angeles, in this project I will perform a content analysis of all LA Times featured articles from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015.

This analysis of the LA Times articles will serve to create a broader context for and understanding of complex components and communicative framings related to poverty.  My goal with this project is to construct possible interventions and programs aimed at K-12 students to help break the poverty cycle in Los Angeles.”

Close this introduction with a lead into your literature review and the areas of research you will explore. For example, you can write: “In the following section, I will review literature about poverty in the United States, and factors that contribute to poverty in Los Angeles and across the nation. I begin the review by focusing on how corporations and other types of organizations, including the U.S. government have created and framed the current working conditions that have contributed to U.S. poverty.

In evaluating the causes, framings, and implications of U.S. poverty, I pay close attention to how family, identity, and governmental policies and practices have sustained and contributed to U.S. poverty.  After reviewing corporate and governmental framings of poverty,  I review research in…” You should set up your reader for what you will cover in your lit review.
For APA help, visit: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/




Hi please read my instructions and also provide a topic for this and require all the instructions i wrote on there for the intro

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