History of Psychology

Use the photos attached to respond to the questions below. The book photos must be used as a single reference in each of the chapter’s responses. 275 words for each chapter’s response questions (answer both).
1.Why do talking cures work? Discuss factors associated with the therapeutic process:
◦Emotionally charged, confiding relationship with a helping person.
◦A healing setting.
◦A rationale, conceptual scheme, or myth that provides a plausible explanation for the patient’s symptoms and prescribes a way to resolve.
◦A ritual or procedure that requires active participation of both patient and therapist and is believed by both to be the means of restoring health.
2.Compare, contrast, and critique differences in the structure and function of the mind according to Freud and Jung.

Chapter 11: Existential Being and Meaning; Kelly vs. Maslow
1.Compare and contrast existential-phenomenological psychologists regarding the core problems of existential being: meaning of life, nature of love, and human relation to the divine.
2.Compare and contrast the perspectives of George Kelly and Abraham Maslow.

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