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History of Engeneering

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Many of the most famous Renaissance men were both great artists and great engineers. Today we tend to think that these skills are very distinct. Do you agree or disagree? Give specific examples to make your case.

Instructions for the Discussion Board:

The initial response (IR) is worth 15 points and the 2 peer responses (PRs) are worth 5 points. The IR will be due one day before the PRs. The forums will be closed at midnight on the day that your PRs are due. You must post before midnight!! You will lose 10% of the points for each day youpost late.

The points you receive will be based on the quality of the responses not on the quantity! Each IR should be long enough to fully answer the question(s).Your responses should demonstrate that you have thought about the issues and have well-reasoned arguments backed up with evidence.

For any materials that you quote directly make sure you use quotation marks and cite the source. Your PRs should engage your classmates in DEBATE (no personal attacks allowed!).

Your IR will be graded on:

1. Readingcomprehension (40%) Demonstrates an accurate and sophisticated understanding of the reading material.
2. Evidence and Cogent Argument (40%) you support your answer with the most relevant evidence from the assigned readings and/or documentaries.And you must cite your evidence (author’s last name and page number, or title of documentary) even when it’s not a quote. You have to tell your readers where you got the information!

3. Writing (20%)
o Clear and comprehensible.
o Grammatical and spelling mistakes should be minimal.
o Material from the textbook is quoted and properly cited.

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