Higher Education Scavenger Hunt

Higher Education Scavenger Hunt Instructions

Complete the worksheet below byexploring the official websites of institutions of your choosing in each of the six categories provided. As you fill out each section, be careful to report your findings thoroughly and accurately, making note of inconclusive information. Each response provided should be followed by a truncated link to the specific page where the information was accessed (i.e. …the institution provides a 24 hour counseling hotline for crisis intervention (GCUCrisis Hotline).

After completing the worksheet, provide a one page summary of your findings in APA format (excluding a title page and abstract). The summary should discuss your observations in comparing and contrasting the support approaches of the six instititions (with specific examples), as well as a strong conclusion with a succinct recommendation for offering an ideal array of services (this can be used in your module/week 7 assignment).


The Higher Education Scavenger Hunt must be submitted by11:59 p.m. (ET) on Mondayof Module/Week 5.


Institution TypeInstitution nameList ten co-curricular support services and their division (i.e. Student Affairs).Provide the title and description of any services specifically and overtly aimed at retention (i.e. Office of Student Success), if any. *Note – this type of office is rare.Where are students directed for general assistance (i.e. “customer service)? How many “clicks” are these resources from the homepage?What academic support services are offered? Are any academic supports required?*What is the reported Freshmen retention rate?*What is the reported six-year graduation rate (as defined by IPEDS)?Who is in charge of student success and retention?
Public Flagship        
Ivy League        
Community College        
Online, For-profit        

*Outside resources may be used for this section





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