Higher education and employment in England


Question:The relationship between higher education and employment in England

Identify an area of UK education policy that has attracted media attention. The final report of 3,000 words (excluding references) should consider the policy and its media coverage within a wider review of the academic literature around this topic. Areas of enquiry in line with professional or personal interests will be identified early in the semester.

Criteria for assessment

Tutors and examiners will look for evidence that the writer has the ability to treat sources critically within a framework of independent enquiry. Specifically that the writer has:

• identified an area of inquiry of UK educational policy;

• provided some (limited) indication of how the topic is related to the wider international situation;

• identified and referred to multiple sources of data, comments and analysis;

• shown an ability to identify standpoints of data and documents;

• critically discussed statistical evidence, policy documents, press reports, academic literature, web sources;

• created accurate citation and referencing;

• expressed their ideas logically, coherently and in good English.

Additional Guidance

The following questions are expected to be addressed by your assignment and should help you structure your document.

• What is the policy that you are investigating?

• What resources are you exploring? How have you identified them? Have you used a range of sources and have you critiqued them?

• What are the key issues to emerge? How might these be summarised?

• Are there contradictions, controversies and argument between sources?

• How might sources be biased in their reporting?

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• How might this policy be related to wider international trends eg is this happening elsewhere?

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