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Healthcare Delivery Systems

Required Readings Read the following chapters in the textbook: Chapter3,4,5,6, 13 &14 Shi, L. & Singh D. A. (2014). Delivering Healthcare in America (6th edition). ISBN-978-1284047127; Publisher: Jones & Bartlett. Book can be found at online.
write a detailed outline for your research paper, your introduction, and your reference page. Your outline should be a minimum of 3 pages. You will need a minimum of 13 references from scholarly resources. The body of the paper should begin with a presentation of the healthcare delivery system. Then the paper will describe the healthcare delivery system role in providing services and contributions or lack thereof; in managing healthcare resources, finally the role in transitioning patients from different levels in the healthcare continuum. At the end of the paper, the student will propose how effective or ineffective the healthcare delivery system is in the healthcare continuum.This 13 page paper (excluding abstract and reference pages) should follow APA format with abstract, introduction, body and conclusion. The paper should be double-spaced. A minimum of 13-reference articles is required.

you have to prepare a paper describing the healthcare delivery systems role in providing services, how it contributes to or lacks contribution in managing healthcare resources, and the role in transitioning patients from one level to another level of care in the healthcare see the proposed topic paper in the attached file.

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