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The final project will require you to do a powerpoint presentation due on the final day of class. You can select any topic from one of the following 2 options.

Option#1: You will analyze the health system for one low-to-middle or high income country chosen by you where a physician assistant can practice medicine. Any country can be chosen from Table 1, but no more than two students may choose a particular country, and all assignments must be completed independently.

Please send me an email or you can text me your topic at my cell number (305 491-1376) or country of your choice. Below you will find the countries that have been selected.


Table 1: List of Countries where a Physician Assistant can Practice


Saudi Arabia
Puerto Rico
South Africa
Another country not mentioned


For the assignment, students will research and then analyze the health system of their country. An analysis of the health system would include, among other things, a discussion about:

  • the components of the system,
  • how the system is financed,
  • healthcare spending,
  • what is the quality of care that is offered by the system,
  • How accessible is the system,
  • how the health system has changed over time and the kinds of influences that caused the system to evolve,
  • and the health situation of the chosen country and how that compares to the United States.
  • After analyzing the current health system, each student should identify what are the job opportunities for the PA to practice in the country you selected.

Completing the assignment requires, among other things, searching for data on the Internet, obtaining information from the OECD, WHO and/or embassies, looking up news articles and other legal or scientific articles, and incorporating concepts discussed in the lectures and readings.

Option # 2: You will select a controversial ethical topic that interests you. Possible Topics include:

Possible Topics Include:


At a minimum, the following information should be included in the report:


  • Introduction
  • History & background
  • What is the law?
  • What are the arguments in support of your topic?
  • What are the arguments against your topic selection?
  • What is the AAPA position about your topic selection?
  • Where is your opinion about the topic?



Presentation Guidelines


Students are required to submit two files:

  1. presentation file (with slides and note pages) saved as a power point file: filename should be your first initial and last name (e.g. rcastellanos.ppt).
  2. reference file citing all the literature you have read for preparation of your presentation: filename should be your first initial and last name (e.g. rcastellanos.doc).
  3. Each slide must accompany notes page that explains each slide.
  4. Reference list should include current and peer-reviewed journal articles.  There is a minimum of 3 references and you have to cite your references using proper 6th edition APA guidelines.
  5. Presentation limit is 10-15 minutes

Below you will find a series of links that discuss the role of the PA in different countries in the world. I hope you find them helpful. You may have to copy and paste the links in your browser to hear or see the information below. (Scotland)

 (PAs Around the World: Introduction to the Scottish National Health Service)

 (PAs Around the World: Development & Growth of PAs in the UK)


 (Medical Assistants: Ghana’s Solution to Physician Assistants)

 (Expanding the Role of Physician Assistants in Canada)

 (Physician Assistants Around the World: Saudi Arabia)

 (Update on Physician Assistants in Puerto Rico)

 (PAs Around the World: Focus on the Netherlands)

 (International Opportunities for PA students)

 (PAs Around the World: Bush Medicine in Sudan)







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