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Grammar Exercises 8.1 & 8.2

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8.1 Practice the Skill

Underline each personal pronoun and identify it as subjective (S), objective (O), possessive (P), or independent possessive (IP).

_____ 1. Have you ever considered volunteering to help a camp ministry?

_____ 2. Uncle Del’s favorite ministry is working at the rescue mission; mine is serving at Camp Calvary.

_____ 3. Camp Calvary’s staff needed some help to get the camp ready for its busy summer.

_____ 4. The Lord gave me a burden to help by doing any job, no matter how small.

_____ 5. Kevin and I swept the miniature golf course free of fallen leaves.

_____ 6. The waterslide looked more inviting after several of us cleaned it.

_____ 7. One teen with artistic ability painted our camp theme onto a mural.

_____ 8. For supper the experience of having a lakeside barbecue was ours.

_____ 9. The camp director, Pastor Reece, thanked us for helping and then shared the history of the camp.

_____ 10. After the staff had worked all day at the camp, our thoughts turned to the privilege of Christian ministry.

8.2 Review the Skill

Write an appropriate personal pronoun in the blank. Then identify the pronoun as subjective (S), objective (O), possessive (P), or independent possessive (IP).

_____ _____ 1. __?__ are probably familiar with the National Park Service that manages areas designated to the Department of the Interior

_____ _____ 2. The National park Service began __?__ duties in August of 1916.

_____ _____ 3. Since 1916, __?__ has determined areas to be national parks based on historical or scientific importance.

_____ _____ 4. Other areas have become national parks because of __?__ recreational importance.

_____ _____ 5. What is your favorite park? Glacier National Park is __?__.

_____ _____ 6. In some parks, flowers are abundant; a visitor can see __?__ during several months of the year.

_____ _____ 7. The purpose of the park service is to conserve wildlife, scenery, and natural objects; __?__ success has been outstanding.

_____ _____ 8. Large numbers of visitors have made the park system successful; many of __?__ visit year after year.

_____ _____ 9. Park employees have varied responsibilities; __?__ oversee the more than 83 million acres that make up the park system.

_____ _____ 10. Many of the 375 national parks are open throughout the year, some of __?__ close in the winter because of weather.

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