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The Global Impact of Conflict

Project: Semester Project Part II – The Global Impact of Conflict

The effect of ethnocentric conflict around the world extends beyond those actually involved in the violence. These conflicts impact the surrounding regions as well as a countless number of innocent women and children.

In this assignment you will research ethnocentric conflict and its global impact, particularly on women and children and neighboring countries or regions.

You will then create a report with your findings and analysis in the format of your choosing (written report, video television report, podcast report, multimedia presentation, etc.).

Support your special report on the global impact of ethnocentric conflict with cited evidence from your research, along with images, graphs, statistics, etc.

Consider the following in your research and report:

Beyond the numbers of deaths, what is the impact of these conflicts?

Who else is affected besides those directly involved in the fighting?

How have women and children been the victims of violence in these conflicts? Why?

What relief is provided to those devastated by these conflicts and is it enough?

What long term implications have these conflicts had?

Use the following websites to begin your research and then use a search engine to find other sources:

Voices of Rwanda
Impact of Armed Conflict on Children
Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo: An Accounting
CIA: WorldFact

Last Updated on September 20, 2018

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