Global and Sociocultural Competence

 Global and Sociocultural Competence


please write a thoughtful response to each item in your own words, using citations and content from the material presented to strengthen your thoughts (APA format).

Read the Official Documents: OT and Complementary health approaches and integrative health (AOTA, 2016). 



After reading this article please answer these three questions each one separately

  • In reference to the Research section, elaborate on one area that you feel is significant in its support of CHAIH being used by OTs (may also choose to do addition research if you wish).
  • Do you use CHAIH in your current practice (Nursing Home) as occupational therapy? 
  • If Yes What do you do? Why do you choose to use the CHAIH? And How do you bill for it?


Last Updated on February 10, 2019