Genetic disorder

The Discussion forums are our places to meet and discuss topics in this course. You are expected to engage in asynchronous discussions, sharing what you learn and your insights about each topic and learning from what others share.

You must post a minimum of 2 times to earn all points for each discussion unless otherwise specified in a discussion topic’s instructions. You must post an original scholarly post that is at least 5 to 7 sentences and at least 1 response to another student’s original post of at least 1 paragraph that furthers the discussion with your information sources cited in each post.

Evidence base resource citations are required in both your original substantive post and your substantive reply to another student’s original post.

Keep in mind that a comment of “Good post” or “I agree” is not a reply that furthers the discussion and does not count towards fulfilling your posting requirements.
It is imperative that you start each discussion early. All participants should have completed their first post by the halfway point for the discussion timeframe in order to allow time for replies and for meaningful discussion to occur. No posts occurring later than the due date can receive credit as this is the equivalent of speaking to an empty room rather than contributing to the discussion.

Please see bullets below for specifics as to the contents necessary for the paper.
• Describe a pt with the condition
• What it is?
• How is the condition related to the patient’s genes?
• Signs/symptoms,
• How the patient presented,
• Medication that may be used, why it is being used and what type of med it is.
• Is there a particular concern in caring for the patient, such as safety, mobility, special equipment, etc.?
• What would you teach the patient and/or family and why?

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