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Genetic disorder on meiosis

For the most part meiosis occurs regularly without error and when it does go wrong usually the resulting cell dies.  For example if 2 chromosomes fail to separate and too many end up in 1 cell or another the resulting gametes are infertile.  Even if the cell survives and does result in an embryo, often times the resulting diploid cell is not implanted. If it is, often it is spontaneously aborted by the reproductive tract of the female.

If the embryo gets past all of this and starts to grow then the result will be an organism with a genetic disorder.   There are many human genetic disorders caused when meiosis does not go as planned. Research a genetic disease that occurs when meiosis does not occur correctly.  There are many genetic disease that occur for other reasons.  Many genetic diseases are just inherited as a normal part of meiosis.  Usually disorders that are a result of meiosis are referred to as trisomy, Disomy, Monosomy, polyploidy, etc.  Make either a presentation or an essay that includes the following information.

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Genetic disorder assignment

Name of disease

Frequency of the disease

Is the disease more common in a particular community?

Symptoms of the disease, you may include some pictures or diagrams to illustrate these.

Genetics of the disease – What goes wrong in meiosis for this genetic disorder to occur? Which chromosomes are involved?

What types of tests can be done to identify the disease? CVS, amniocentesis, others?

Prognosis – likely outcome for people with this disease, how long will they live, what will the quality of their life be like.

Possible treatments for those with the condition.


Must contain at least 3 different sources.

All sources must be references using the APA conventions.

All diagrams that have come from texts or internet must be individually referenced under the diagram.

Correct and appropriate use of scientific language suitable for a year 10 audience

Work is in your own words!  If you copy and paste any text directly from a website you will automatically earn a 0!

Spelling and grammar is correct.

Presentation is neat and logically organized.

Some useful websites

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