Genesis and Ecology

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Topic: Write a 5-page essay (or more if you wish) on a topic related to our readings so far, including As You Like It
if you want. If you’ve read ahead to Omonoko and would like to write on it, come see me. Some possible topics:
John Locke and Property
Thomas Hobbes and the State ofNature
Euripides and/or Nietzsche and the Apollonian/Dionysian
“The Cloud of Unknowing” and/or the Ars Moriena’i and the Denial ofNature
“Genesis” and Ecology
Any approach to AYLI, but particularly 1″t and 2nd worlds if you can You could also look at more than one of our texts if you have found a topic like gender identity in The Bacchae and AYLI.
Or you could take a more general approach like how Eco-feminism relates to our texts.
Just remember to keep our readings as the focus of your research.
Sources: You could try Discover generally, or within it, Academic Search Complete or JSTOR. Remember to check
two boxes in Discover or Academic Search Complete:

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