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Gathering Blue: Formal Essay

Gathering Blue: Formal Essay (Using Primary and Secondary Sources)

Publishing articles is the way that academics participate in and contribute to formal discussions on a given topic. In order to become a full

participant, you need to learn what is already happening in that discussion and then offer your own input using a combination of evidence from

both primary and secondary sources. Go beyond summary as well as the obvious in order to make a case for something. Fiction writers, especially

those that write dystopian literature, are frequently commenting on or criticizing something happening in society, but because they are putting

this discussion into a fictional world, it may not be clear what precisely they are trying to draw attention to in the real world.
In her essay, Susan G. Lea articulates what she beleives Lowry is commenting on in The Giver . Is Lea right about what Lowry is interested in?

In a five paragraph essay, you will answer the question posed in “Seeing Beyond Sameness: Using The Giver To Challenge Colorblind Ideology”” and

apply it to Lowry’s second novel, Gathering Blue: “What does the secondary world that Lowry has created encourage us to reassess in our own real

world?” (Lea 53).Your essay must include an introduction (with argumentative thesis), three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It must also

contain at least three quotes from the primary text and two quotes from the secondary text (with in-text citations). The paper must end in a

correctly formatted Works Cited Page, and the entire paper must be written in MLA format.


Seeing Beyond Sameness: Using The Giver to Challenge Colorblind Ideology

Gathering Blue by Lowery

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