Gang Leader for a Day

Read the instructions carefully and also use some of the information from the files “important1” and “important2” which were classroom exercises for this paper! 

Some of the key topics of the paper are below, but make sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS file for more details.

1.Write about the social/sociological location of your assigned person in Gang Leader for a Day (GL) and use the book’s index to find them in GL

2.Explain your person sociologically. Write for someone who knows nothing about Sociology.

3.Include some of the following key lecture terms that have sociological meanings or explanations:• Socialization, agents of socialization, adult socialization, Goffman’s re-socialization. • Reference group, primary group, secondary group, organization • Status, ascribed status, achieved status, status inconsistency • Role, role conflict, role strain, gender role, role set • Master status, status symbols, status set • Theories of deviance; including strain theory, subcultural theory, conflict theory, labeling theory


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