Gaming Industry and Ubisoft Articles

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Case: Gaming Industry and Ubisoft Articles and please listen to the first 15 minutes of the NPR podcast on the gaming industry posted on BB (Thought Paper – bold questions only)

(the podcast is not available except with access, just ignore it)

Case Questions:

  1. Using the information you have in the readings, how would you describe Ubisoft’s international expansion strategy using the IR Framework?
  2. Please think about the managerial orientations we discussed on 10/23 (using the chapter reading assigned for 10/23). Would you describe the managerial orientation at Ubisoft as a decentralized federation, a coordinated federation or a centralized hub? Why? Which type of relationship (from the 10/23 reading) would be best for Ubisoft and why?

Note: Please only use the sources I have provided (no outside sources)


One-page single spaces

Font: Times New Roman 12

Include the IR framework in an Index page


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