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Game theory, pure strategy, Nash equilibrium

  1. You have just been appointed the Chief U.N observer for the Iraqi elections.  There are   4 candidates running for election as President,  and each represent a party — A, B, C and     D respectively. The candidate with a simple majority wins the election. The distribution of preferences amongst the population (normalizedto30) across these 4 candidates/parties are as follows:

10 people ranks A > B > C > D 10 people ranks D > C > B > A 5 people ranks B > D > A >C  5 people ranks C > A > D >B

Giventhepreferencerankingsandassumingthatpeoplevotealwaysfortheirfirstchoicecan- didate, it is easy to check that no candidate/party will have an absolute majority.


  • Would a contest between two candidates at a time work to select a winner via a simple majority(e.g.,winnerAvBagainstwinnerCvD,etc)?Ifso,whoisthewinner?(15pts)


  • Given your answer to (i) above, what voting strategy would you recommend to elect a government in Iraq? Please explain your answer (25pts).


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